[2020 International Sculpture Anniversary Event like no other in Japan]



We are promoting the “Natural Art Museum Plan for the Forest in the hope of revitalizing satoyama” to coincide with this anniversary. I am planning a natural art museum in the forest. There are now 5 small rooms and shower rooms to implement a small residence art program. In addition, a workshop will be held on the anniversary. (Production experience, meditation petit semi, rental space share, etc.) Handing over is making a large sculpture called Land Art, which has reached its seventh year. My production begins with the logging of raw wood. And as a production like a park, the surroundings are also maintained. All participants will be shared. We advocate cosmopolitanism that transcends ethnicity and nationality. We are looking forward to your support and participation if you need to pick up and transfer in everyday English. If you want to participate, please contact us by email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yoshitada Ihara’s Open Studio / Natural Museum of Forest Organization